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Loading bellows

Loading bellow for open trucks

Loading bellows

The loading bellows are used for efficient loading of dry bulk solids into tankers and open trucks.
Maximum throughput rate: 250 m3/h


  • Electric winch;
  • Built-in dust filter  ( as an option) with suction fan 2.2 KW ;
  • Single flexible chute in Neoprene covered by Hypalon®;
  • Single flexible chute in Neoprene for foods;
  • Bottom cone with inside level indicator for loading tankers and skirt for loading open trucks;
  • Electric control panel (as an option)

Options : manual winch; rotary paddle level indicator; vibratory level indicator; capacitive level indicator; external motovibrator; double chute in Neopren – Hypalon®; chute in Kevlar®  for materials of high temperature up to 200 ° С;  inside metallic cones for handling highly abrasive products such as sand, minerals, coals and stone screenings.


Loading bellow for tankers loading